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Latest Posts

  • What Did Steve Jobs & Warren Buffet Have In Common?

    Issue #14, 6/26/14 Ascent… Steve, Warren, and YOU! by Dr. Robb Thompson I’m finally back in the USA, and I couldn’t be happier… I enjoyed my trip spending time with my family, and mentors in Australia. After my family trip, I had a speaking engagement in New Zealand where I sold out of my new…

  • My Family In Australia

    Issue #13 6/24/14   My Family in Australia… A Lesson in Sacrifice by Dr. Robb Thompson   My wife Linda and I have had the greatest pleasure investing time with our son and daughter-in-law, Anthony & Chantelle, and our precious grandchildren, Roscoe and Aaliyah.   As you can see from the picture, we’ve had wonderful…

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