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    Our Progressive Life Conference is happening November 14th & 15th in Schaumburg, IL at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg. You will learn How to Turn Your Biggest Fears into POWER, How to Change Your Mindset and Belief System into a Weapon that will Produce LASTING Change, How to Build Rapport, and the Hour of Transformation…are you up for the challenge?…

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  • Total Life Makeover

    The Total Life Makeover is our product — a 49-Day Program that consists of seven, 7-Day modules covering the most important areas of your life: mind, relationships, finances, career, spiritual, character, and philosophy. You will learn how to alter or change any belief that is sabotaging your success. How to improve any relationship in your life…

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  • Workshops

    This Peak Performance Workshop conducted by Senior Life Strategist, Tom Nestor, is offered to companies to demonstrate the impact Progressive Life coaching will have on your sales and management team’s mindset, focus, and productivity. Robb Thompson covers all the expenses related to this workshop. This interactive and empowering 60-minute session is designed to provide your team…

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  • How To Get Out Of Debt

    Issue #25 8/5/14 Here we are in the month of August, and it’s time to discuss Finances, Or the lack of them….   As we discuss finances I can’t think of a more important first step than “How to Get Out of Debt.”   If there’s one thing I do NOT like about the subject of FINANCES it’s that four-letter word called “debt.”   So…

  • It’s TOO Hot

    Issue #24 7/31/14 I am now in Pheonix, AZ where it is currently 109 degrees.  I like the temperature warm, but I must say this is HOT, But I’m Not Complaining! I wanted to finish up the month of July discussing Being Assertive. Being Assertive? Yes, Being Assertive. My reason for writing about this topic is that…

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