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  • How To Get Out Of Debt

    Issue #25 8/5/14 Here we are in the month of August, and it’s time to discuss Finances, Or the lack of them….   As we discuss finances I can’t think of a more important first step than “How to Get Out of Debt.”   If there’s one thing I do NOT like about the subject of FINANCES it’s that four-letter word called “debt.”   So…

  • It’s TOO Hot

    Issue #24 7/31/14 I am now in Pheonix, AZ where it is currently 109 degrees.  I like the temperature warm, but I must say this is HOT, But I’m Not Complaining! I wanted to finish up the month of July discussing Being Assertive. Being Assertive? Yes, Being Assertive. My reason for writing about this topic is that…

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